Comic 22 - Cages 6.1

2nd Jun 2014, 8:20 AM in Cages
Cages 6.1
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Allan Dotson 2nd Jun 2014, 8:20 AM edit delete
Allan Dotson
Oh, and it breathes fire. Even better.

I really like the hydra, but I feel a little nervous about the experimental panel layout on this page. I hope it works.

So our critters find themselves banding together again, despite their differences, in the face of an imminent threat. Sally and Lena don't seem like they would cooperate at all unless they had to. Why did Gronk kill the shadowcat but not the rest of them? He must be following Eddy's lead for now, because Eddy helped him escape. And why does Eddy want to help everyone? Is it just because he's weak, and he needs their help? All of the characters are cooperating because they need each other, but as evil creatures, are they capable of anything more than that?
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